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Dora Lewis

About Habibi

Legendary and renowned HABIBI. A Gay Arab/Middle Eastern party came into existence in 2002 as part of Glas { gay and lesbian Arab Society}Habibi is a monthly social/dance event for gay Men and lesbians. It’s uniqueness, originality, and diversity along with hot attendees made it one of the best “to go” parties in Manhattan. It welcomes all ethnicities not just Middle Easterners.

The big success resulted in a worldwide exposure that caught the attention of local NY media. HABIBI was featured in many publications including New York Times, Timeout magazine, Village voice, HX, Next magazine to name a few. In 2014 Habibi also started monthly in Washington DC in addition to NYC which lasted for over 3 years.

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Hear what people say about HABIBI

Habibi is perhaps the only opportunity in New York for gay people of Middle Eastern descent to interact openly in an organized setting. “Habibi is a welcoming community.”

The New York Times

I know you probably already know this but have a real gift for putting together the best in hip middle eastern singers and then awesome trance One word: WOW. I am super discriminating just as y husband with my music and my God. You are just the best DJ ever. Better than Paul Van Dyck, Paul Oakenforld and all of my favorites.. I would pay anything to own the rest of your find collection.

Soraya El Khouby

Congratulations on putting together another wonderful night, a group of us come up from Philadelphia every time there is a Habibi party and we always have the time of our lives. you should be encouraged and commended for all your hard work and talent.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say your music was hot last Saturday. This was my first time going to this party and I had a great time. How many gay parties do you play at in a month? Please let me know when you're having the next one.


I have to say this was my first Habibi function and it was a blast. I am pretty much a closet to the community so my friends dragged me.. all worth it.


I moved back to MN but I am going to NY to visit my friends in thanksgiving. I was hoping to go to the Habibi party cuz I enjoyyyyy it soooo much ...I actually miss it so much


Thanks so much for a great party last night.. was very fun as usual - great music. we'd both be thrilled if you sent us just one of your CD's

Brenden Varma

Looking to find your Arabian Prince? You'll have plenty to choose from at Habibi, an Arabic dance party filled with belly dancing and dark handsome men.

New York Magazine

Not only does Habibi serve as a delightful contrast to the media gloomy portrayal of Arab culture, also reflects the excitement of a bubbling gay-pride movement.

Timeout Magazine

Habibi is one of the most graceful yet welcoming dance floors in the city. But staring too long from the banqueted sidelines will eventually end in outstretched palms locking onto you while fingers slowly curl inward. It's a universal invitation to the dance and it's impossible to resist

NY Press